This is a global experience that crushes destiny threats, jumpstarts freedom, wakes up faith and implements abundant living.


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Dormant Purpose

Life happened and you placed your purpose and assignments on the back burner. You require strategic direction to get to your assignment location and boldness to deliver the message.

You are a firm believer of Proverbs 201:18 that says, “Every purpose is established by counsel.” To move forward, implement what you need to do and accomplish the purpose for which you were placed on earth, you need help.

Business Explosion

You are at crossroads and you want to take your business to the next level with effective digital strategies. You have tried to do it on your own but it did not work and you know you need help.

Technology is not necessarily your best friend, however you are ready, able and willing to take straightforward steps that place you on the road to business emancipation.

Ministry, Marketplace & Impact

  1. You have realized that your ministry is beyond the pulpit and it includes the marketplace and apostolic missions.
  2. You desire a unique strategy to reach your audience, connect with destiny helpers [and even destiny partners] and make impact for the greater good.
  3. You are a minister and basically, you need help.
  4. Your ministry needs a jumpstart and you desire destiny connections to effectively carry out your assignment.
  5. You desire strategies to grow your church and make greater impact.

Gift Zone Monetization

You know your gifts and talents but need help to turn your passion to profit. You love what you do but you are not receiving the kind of income you would expect from it. You want to thrive in your zone of brilliance, finally monetize your God-given talents and simultaneously make impact.  You are concerned that if you charge the right fees, those who are used to your free services may tag you greedy.

  • You are a multi-passionate entrepreneur, a multipotentialite, you want to be taken seriously and desire direction to manage your gifts.
  • You want to use your voice to help others and desire the right strategies to implement.

The Visionary & Destiny Launcher

Pastor Belinda Enoma, known as the Purpose Activator and Destiny Launcher is the host and visionary of the iEmancipateMe Movement. This is a global assignment that equips life-changers with tools, strategies and insights for greater works. Rev. Belinda reaches many across the globe daily with messages that create ripple effects.

Her priority is to help you launch, win in your zone of brilliance, bear fruit that remains and to fulfill your destiny with power and excellence. She is a sought-after international faith and business speaker, author, talk show host, digital entrepreneur with a professional background in law and information technology. Her global experience spans many Fortune 500 corporations across Europe [Amsterdam, London, Copenhagen, Zurich et al], USA.

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As the host of the iEmancipateMe Conference, I invite you to attend the 3rd annual conference in London, Atlanta, Lagos, Abuja.

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Who Should Attend:

  • Business Owners
  • Aspiring & Established Speakers
  • Ministry Leaders
  • Non-Profit & Corporate Executives
  • Pastors, Bishops, Apostles
  • Coaches, Mentors, Authors, Consultants
  • Talk Show Hosts, Podcasters, Bloggers
  • Gospel Artists, Worship Leaders
  • People who want to carry out their purpose with excellence.
  • Individuals who desire change and a status upgrade.

Discussions, workshops and keynotes include faith, empowerment, digital business solutions, leadership, strategies for maximum impact, relationships, mental health, women’s health, ministry elevation and more.